Project Overview

The Public Works Plan

State Parks is preparing a Public Works Plan (PWP) for Pismo State Beach and Oceano Dunes State Vehicular Recreation Area (SVRA). A PWP is a long-range land use management plan for compliance with the California Coastal Act (Coastal Act) that is reviewed and certified by the California Coastal Commission. The PWP will document existing conditions, consider improvement projects and management programs to improve access for motorized and non-motorized recreation opportunities, and develop policies and programs. The PWP will also include a number of site specific proposed park improvement projects including the following:

  1. Project A: Oso Flaco Campground and Public Access Project
  2. Project B: Park Corporation Yard Improvement Project
  3. Project C: Grover Beach Lodge Site Project (including Le Sage Bridge and Dump Station Relocation)
    Note: As of 2/15/19, the PWP team received notice that planning for the Grover Beach Lodge Site by the City of Grover Beach was moving forward. Therefore, alternative plans for the site as part of the PWP are no longer active.
  4. Project D: Oceano Campground Infrastructure Improvement Project
  5. Project E: Pier and Grand Avenue Entrances & Pier Avenue Lifeguard Tower Project
  6. Project F: North Beach Campground Facility Improvements
  7. Project G: Butterfly Grove Public Access Project
  8. Project H: Pismo State Beach Boardwalk Project

California Resources Code (14 CCR § 13353) states that PWPs shall contain sufficient information regarding the kind, size, intensity and location of development activity intended to be undertaken including, but not limited to the following where applicable:

  1. the specific type of activity or activities proposed to be undertaken;
  2. the maximum and minimum intensity of activity or activities proposed to be undertaken;
  3. maximum size of facilities proposed to be constructed pursuant to the plan and the proposed timetable for precise definition of all projects included in the plan and any phasing of development activity contemplated;
  4. the service area for the proposed activity or activities;
  5. the proposed method of financing the activity or activities;
  6. the proposed location or alternative locations considered for any development activity or activities to be undertaken pursuant to the proposed plans.

Why is the PWP needed?

Pismo State Beach and Oceano Dunes SVRA are managed in compliance with the General Development Plan, which provides direction and guidance for park purpose, broad land use planning uses, and program-based goals and guidelines. The 1975 General Development Plan was amended in 1982 and 1994 and predates the California Coastal Act of 1976.

The existing Coastal Development Permit (CDP) A-4-82-300-A5, issued in 1982 for the entry kiosks and perimeter fencing projects, currently serves for compliance with the California Coastal Act and has been amended five times to accommodate additional projects and actions.

The proposed PWP will supersede the 1982 CDP and provide compliance for existing and future park management activities and select improvement projects with the California Coastal Act. The PWP will be consistent with the existing General Development Plan.

The PWP and Environmental Review Process

The planning process for the PWP will:

  • Document existing conditions
  • Consider improvement projects and management programs to improve access for motorized and non-motorized recreation opportunities
  • Integrate other planning efforts and ensure consistency with the General Development Plan
  • Develop policies, goals and guidelines

Concurrently with the PWP, State Parks will prepare an Environmental Impact Report (EIR) for compliance with the California Environmental Quality Act (CEQA) for the PWP and implementation of the proposed park improvement projects. The EIR will consider the environmental effects of the proposed PWP and proposed improvement projects and, if necessary, include mitigation measures to reduce potential impacts.

The Project timeline provides the step-by-step process for the PWP and EIR. State Parks anticipates completing the PWP and EIR within 24 months.

Project Timeline

Spring 2018 - Summer 2018

✅ Step 1

Initiate Project and EIR Scoping

Notice of Preparation

Public Workshop 1

✅ Step 2

Gather Data and Study Existing Conditions and Resources

Website Launch

Visitor Survey

Fact Sheet

Fall-Winter 2018-2019

✅ Step 3

Develop and Evaluate PWP Project Concepts

Website Activity

Public Workshop 2

Summer-Fall 2019

👉Step 4

Prepare Preliminary Draft PWP

Website Activity

Fact Sheet

Public Workshop 3

Fall-Winter 2019-2020

Step 5

Prepare Draft Environ­mental Impact Report

Step 6

Public Review of Preliminary Draft PWP and Draft EIR

Notice of Availability

Notice of Completion

Fact Sheet

Public Review of Draft PWP and Draft EIR

Spring-Summer 2020

Step 7

Revise Draft PWP and Respond to EIR Comments

Step 8

Adopt Final PWP and Certify EIR

Notice of Determination

Coastal Commission Hearings